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Ok trying to make an effort to write and post more. I feels fleeting to push content directly to social media networks and cloud services, so I hope to I use this site as a home for images and writings. It's tricky to catalog everything if it's diseminated across various platforms.

Today, Stephanie started her fabrication for her upcoming show at Incline Gallery in SF. She's building many wooden frames which will have soil in them, and mounted to the wall. Wheatgrass will grow out of them. I'm assisting in fabricating the frames today, and whatever else I can help with.

studio light

Setting up timelapse in the studio after having MWM and Will producing their pieces here over the last few weeks. I'm experimenting with a Rasbperry Pi connected to my Canon Rebel XT 350D. This is an old beater camera, this body and lense has been around the world, including burning man a few times, and the lense is really gunked up. As I turn the focus ring, it's reminscent of grinding sand.

studio light

Still working on an auto-exposure method, as the light in the studio changes dramatically over the day.

studio light

I have an AC adapter for both the Pi and the Canon, and I'm using gphoto2 on the pi.

The photos fill up the Pi's SD card pretty quick, it's a 16 gig card, and I haven't yet made a fancy script to automatically download them to another server, and blah blah blah. I was rsyncing them to my laptop, and tried to be fancy and delete the files I've already copied. So I typed rm -rf with a wildcard *, but got a little too greedy with the wildcard and deleted the whole day of production.

Ouch. Hurts.

Now researching file recovery...

Otherwise, the Pi-timelapse rig is pretty great. I'm going to get a few camera nodes going, it will be great to have timelapse of the space. Watching the light (both moon and sun) is beautiful.

studio light

Looking forward to a productive 2016!!


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